Hello, we're PrivDash.

We want to change the paradigm of how Personal Data and Privacy is handled. People have no control; Data Protection is a burden for most organisations.

PrivDash changes the game with a revolutionary technology called personal data receipts. Users get back control of their Personal Data; organisations become truly compliant with the law. Together, simplicity, trust and transparency is recovered.
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Give your users a Personal Data Receipt.

Organisations, recover trust.

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  • Give your users a Receipt when collecting Personal Data.
  • Be transparent; and get rid of risk and liability.
  • Be able to demonstrate compliance with Data Protection regulations.
  • Be agile with Data Subject Access Requests and get real-time notifications.
  • Vastly improve your Data Protection and Cyber Security.

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How it works

Organisations sign up with us.

We advise them on Privacy, Data Protection and Cyber Security.

We verify and they start using our cloud-based service.

Users get receipts by email.

Every time a User shares personal data, two receipts are generated.

One is for the user; the other for the Organisation.

Users track their data.

Users see their receipts and locations of personal data from a single point.

With one click, they request deletion.

Frequently Asked Questions

 [+] Do you access my Personal Data?

No. All we have is: (1) the receipts themselves (which have no personal data), and (2) your email address (and not always). We keep your email address so that you can retrieve and act on your Privacy Receipts. Rest assured that we never use it in any other shape or form.

 [+] How do I login without creating an account or a password?

We do not hold accounts for user for security and privacy reasons. Everything is done using secure links sent by email. This is also so we meet regulations: we need to confirm that you are the person who owns the receipts and is authorised to requests erasures. Type your email above and see how it works.

 [+] If most is free, how do you make money?

Yeah, we're still trying to figure that out. We're sort of hopeful Google or Facebook registers with us. Then we take a commission on all the requests for erasure. We'll be billionaires in 24h.

In the meanwhile, we find that many Organisations do not have robust Privacy and Data Protection processes in place. We help them to simultaneously strengthen data protection, to become more ethical, and to inspire trust in their users as a result. Most of the time, they hire legal teams who make everything worse, often leaving Users more threatened. Privacy is not hard to accomplish and is a natural process if done right. For example, we have a template for a Privacy Policy which is far better than the convoluted legal documents we see on the web (who nobody reads). See our own Privacy Policy for a taste.

Another aspect we make money from companies who do not want to use our Cloud-based service. This means they need help developing and integrating software with their own systems. It's not our preferred option because we cannot protect users as well. We do accept that some companies want to manage their own systems.

 [+] Why don't you have a cookie banner?

We do not need one. We do not use cookies that are not strictly functional. :) All we know is that someone from the UK visited the website. Sometimes we don't even get the country right. Meh, good enough.