Data Protection is Wrong

We think Data Protection is wrong. EU/UK’s GDPR was a great step forward in protecting people online but it was developed in the mid-2010s. We now see the secondary effects: difficult to enforce, and often a pointless exercise of legal compliance. Privacy is about what people expect. Privdash wants organisations to do the right thing, well beyond simple legal compliance – yet, keeping it simple.

A personal need and mission

Privdash was founded by Vitor Jesus, an academic in Privacy and Cybersecurity, Endrit Kromidha, an academic in Entrepreneurship, and Muhammad Waqas, a seasoned IT professional with an MSc in Cybersecurity. Our work and mission is informed by academic research on Privacy, Cybersecurity and Entrepreneurship innovation. You can find early ideas on this research paper.

Data Protection is an unnecessary burden and often a pointless compliance exercise. Privacy is for users, not paperwork. Whenever we send personal data, we want to be assured that someone verified how it will be handled.

Personal Data matters

Did you know that several companies own a profile about you and you do not even know they exist? Or that apps are tracking you and reselling your activity? Or that there’s discussions about based your mortgage rates data is so valuable the IMF is suggesting it determines your mortgage rates? Or that someone was outed as gay because of an app? Or that a leak of personal data can lead to extreme forms of harrassment and stalking such as doxxing or swatting? This is only the beginning.

If a user sees our certificate they can be assured the organisation was audited by us and their data is handled ethically. They have embedded Ethical Privacy in their systems, apps, websites and processes.

Let’s reward good organisations

Some businesses are great with personal data, most are not because privacy is either an unintended second-though or a legal confusion. We need to reward organisations that are ethical with Personal Data.

Our unique certificate, that users can check for themselves, vouch for the organisation. If there are problems, users contact us directly and we resolve the problems on their behalf. Organisations have leaner processes, quality is raised, trust is restored. We take care of Data Protection so organisations focus on what they do best.

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