Check your Privacy and Data Protection posture.

Answer these questions in order to self-assess your posture in Privacy and Data Protection.

These questions are aligned with UK/EU GDPR and other regulations.

You will also be able to add the link to your privacy notice so we can analyse.

We will return your personalised assessment within 5 days.

Your personal data will be used only to contact you by email. It is stored in our own email clients and servers. More details here.

    You have a written list of all the collection points of Personal Information.

    You only collect Personal Information that is strictly and absolutely necessary.

    You keep consent records and can show them.

    You take special care of data about children or sensitive groups.

    You delete Personal Information if a customer (validly) requests.

    You only use well-known cybersecurity standards.

    You can detect breaches and report to the regulator in 72h.

    You store Personal Information only in selected countries.

    Each staff member has limited access to PI.

    All your processes are documentated and ready to show authorites.

    You have agreements with external parties with access to Personal Information.

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