What we offer

We offer trust for users, then you convert it into more business.

□ We prepare documentation that you can use in case you get audited by the regulator.
□ We follow standards and best-practices such as the ICO’s, EU/EDPB’s, or ISO/IEC 27001:2022 and 27701:2019 so you can demonstrate the highest standards.
□ We assess, correct, streamline, and test your internal processes that handle personal data.
□ We redesign your systems with Privacy-by-Design.
□ We make sure no unnecessary personal data exists; and it gets quickly deleted when not needed anymore.
□ We re-write your privacy notices in a format, length and language that your users find friendly.
□ We give you a certificate that users can check for themselves.
□ We improve your cybersecurity – and help you handle breaches, should it happen.
□ We mediate communicatons with your users and resolve misunderstandings avoiding escalations.

Start by running your self-assessment at no cost or commitment.
We will return in 5 days a preliminary assessment of your Data Protection practices, including your privacy notices.

What we do not offer

We will protect the fundamental principles of Privacy above all.

Because we do not run a “tick-box exercise”, if part of your business unfairly, or unclearly, handles personal data, we will open a frank and constructive, yet firm, dialogue by exploring options, which includes revisiting your business model.

We cannot guarantee we will offer you a flattering certificate when we feel it would not favour your users.

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