Privacy Policy

Date: 27-Apr-2021

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This page explains how we handle your personal information. Click on each question.

This page applies to all our services.

Refresher: What is Personal Data? What is a Privacy Policy and why is it important? Where can I find the Law in the EU and in the UK? What is the supervising national authority in the EU and in the UK?

We are PrivDash Ltd, based in London (UK), and Porto (Portugal).

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We collect the following:

whatwhat forfor how long

email address

- to verify that you do own the privacy receipts

- to communicate with you about our services (and never for marketing).

We presume you gave consent to share your email address to the organisation that is offering privacy receipts.

We delete records immediately after your receipts expire.

We do not do anything with it except to let you directly manage your receipts.

We do not profile you, combine external information with the data we have, or track/target you in any way.

We do not share your data with anyone else.

All data is stored in UK or EU servers, depending on where you live.

We do not voluntarily disclose your personal information. The onyl case is a request from authorities that we need, by law, to comply with. We will always notify you unless, by law, we are forbidden to do so.